Oahu Auctions & Liquidations is licensed, insured and bonded. We have a proven track record of meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.  Among our repeat clientele: Hawaii’s five largest banks, numerous attorneys, commercial property management companies such as Douglas Emmett Management and leading corporate entities such as Alexander & Baldwin.

Before becoming auctioneers, we actively attended auctions and made a living reselling our auction purchases. Having made a career out of reselling a wide array of goods, we’ve cultivated an eye for assessing a wide spectrum of personal property.

During a period of time when the market saw a void in auction professionals, we were persuaded to obtain our auctioneer license by attorneys specializing in financial work with Hawaii’s major banks.  We began doing valuation work for various banks and ultimately handled their distressed assets through liquidation sales and auctions.

Because we’ve made a living from attending auctions, we have a different perspective from other auctioneers.  We’ve often exploited and taken advantage of situations where an auctioneer neglected to catalog or market certain items properly.  As a result, the value potential of these items often fell short and we were able to acquire and resell these items at a high profit margin.  Having this perspective enables us to avoid these pitfalls and strategize in a way that maximizes bidding activity when conducting auctions for others. We treat your assets as if it were our own.

We’ve handled everything under the sun: small estates, large multi-million dollar estates (including the multiple Kahala estates of notorious Japanese billionaire, Genshiro Kawamoto), the contents of Hawaii’s largest restaurant space, an 87,000 square foot retail and warehousing operation on Nimitz Hwy, large-scale cabinet and stone fabricating operations, luxury cars, helicopters and other aircraft, fine art.  The list goes on.

Other notable liquidations include a fertility clinic, a multi-million dollar nightclub, large pet shop, large dental lab, woodworking fabrication plant, contents of a cabaret variety showroom at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Click here for more information on auctions and liquidations we’ve conducted in the past.