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ESTATE OF RENOWNED ATTORNEY, GARY O. GALIHER – Legendary in the legal community, a larger-than-life figure in Hawaii’s community.  Prominent attorney, Gary Galiher took on myriad hobbies (fishing, surfing and other water sports, golf, woodworking, to name a few).  He flew helicopters, rode motorcycles, traveled to many places, lived in many places, played hard and “lived fully.”  In his lifetime he amassed a large art collection, huge array of rare fossils, meteorites, rare books, and various unique objects.  His life story is aptly reflected in this auction.  All items in the auction inventory came from his various estates but everything will be on Oahu.

PSI CONSTRUCTION AUCTION (Phase 2) – Major general construction company unloading its heavy equipment: loaders, excavator, multiple pickup trucks,  forklifts and much more! We’re getting all the equipment consolidated in one area and obtaining necessary titles…then the auction will be underway.

GIANT HAWAIIAN RENT-ALL TOOLS & EQUIPMENT AUCTION – where you’ll find every imaginable tool, machines and equipment for all your large and small projects.

Oahu Auctions is a licensed, insured and bonded auctioneer service in Hawaii.  Serving Honolulu and beyond, we’re Hawaii’s dynamic liquidation and auction resource.  Trusted by every major bank in the state and the legal community.  Specializing in large estate and commercial auctions, online internet auctions, fixed-price liquidation sales, entire-inventory buyout, asset valuations.  We do it all.  We have a proven track record (backed by testimonials from business leaders and Hawaii’s principal corporations).  Our motivated staff is ready to help you turn your assets into cash!



Do you have excess business inventory? Are you closing down your commercial operation? We can help you wind it down, then auction off remaining assets in the end. Thinking of liquidating your estate? We can help. We also pay a referral fee if you know someone who can benefit from our auctioneer services.


We can find a single buyer for your business in its entirety or for the designated assets you wish to liquidate. Commercial or personal assets…we do it all!


For well over a decade, we have cultivated an eye for valuing goods through direct business dealings and hands-on transactions involving diverse assets. We have  valued multi-million-dollar assets of a single company. See our past list of auctions and clientele.

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